77 Mile Creek Rd
Grand Portage, MN
55605, United States

phone: 1 (218) 475-2887

Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Portage Parcel Pick-Up

1. Do I need to register before I use your service?

No, it's not necessary. We record every parcel by the name of the customer. However, if you would like notification by email when your parcel(s) arrive, please register with us by filling out the form on the bottom of the Contact/Hours page.

2. How do I order something to be shipped to the parcel pick-up location?

Use OUR address as if it's your own:

YOUR name (include your middle initial)
77 Mile Creek Road
Grand Portage, MN
55605, United States

DO NOT include "In Care of Grand Portage Parcel Pick-Up" - sometimes the shipper will eliminate one of the names and it's usually the customer name that ends up being omitted and then we do not know who the package belongs to.

3. What do I need to bring my parcel back through Canadian Customs?

You will need your receipts from the store/seller showing your purchase price and description. Based on our observations, not all parcels have the receipt included in the box/package, therefore, we suggest printing out your receipt when you complete your purchase online, or when you receive order confirmation via email.

4. Can someone else pick up my parcel for me?

Yes, BUT they will need the product receipt to show when passing through Canadian Customs. It is also wise to shoot us a quick email or have written permission giving us authority to pass your parcel on to them on your behalf.

For specific questions regarding products and duties for cross border shopping, contact US Customs (218-475-2244) or Canadian Customs (807-964-2093).